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How to Make Infographics SEO Friendly

March 21, 2018 Advantix Digital

According to a study completed by Hubspot, 40% of people will respond better to visual information than text and images are shared five times more than text on Facebook and other social media sites.   What makes infographics so great and so essential is the way they condense important data into a single canvas. A […]

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Instagram’s Heaven-Sent Scheduling Feature (For Businesses)

March 13, 2018 Advantix Digital

Breaking news – thanks to Instagram’s updated API, it is now allowing users to schedule their posts ahead of time. But don’t quite celebrate just yet. Like all things too good to be true, there’s a catch. This feature is only available for business accounts, and through third-party social management platforms, such as HootSuite and Sprout Social [...]

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Using Demographic Analysis for Content Drilldowns

February 06, 2018 Advantix Digital

Using Demographic Analysis for Content Topic Ideas In today’s modern world, there is information being given to us every second! Though, many times the type of information we receive isn’t something we even want to read. We sift through Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and other news outlets just to find what grabs our attention. The same […]

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Impact Digital Marketing in 2018

January 11, 2018 Advantix Digital

AI & Digital Marketing in 2018 It’s 2018 and artificial intelligence is taking the world by storm. From self-driving cars to voice-powered personal assistants (Siri, Alexa, Cortana), and even your Netflix recommendations, we are living in a world where technology has never played a more vital role in our everyday lives.  AI has the potential [...]

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What We Learned: Dallas Digital Summit 2017 Wrap Up

December 28, 2017 Advantix Digital

The team at Advantix Digital attended the Dallas Digital Summit earlier this month and we are happy to share what we learned from all of the great workshops, sessions, and speakers. Read our conference highlights below, which we will apply to our 2018 digital marketing goals: Robert Bochnak, Social Media Strategist for the Office of [...]

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10 Tips for Christmas My SEM Gave to Me

October 27, 2017 Advantix Digital

With the holiday season (and thus a new year) approaching fast, we want to give you the gift of knowledge when it comes to improving your online presence and creating a great user experience for your website visitors! In this article, we discuss 10 of the most important things you can do to increase site traffic, […]

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How Internet Use Has Doubled in The Last Decade

September 28, 2017 Advantix Digital

If it seems like everyone is attached to their smartphone these days, it’s because they are. Fueled in large part by mobile use and tablets, internet use has more than doubled over the past decade. In 2005, the average adult spent almost 10 hours per week online; that number rose to more than 20 hours […]

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Google Releases Exciting New Shopping Campaign

September 20, 2017 Advantix Digital

Google Showcase Ads: Google recently invited agency partners out to their Mountain View campus to unveil some upcoming changes to their Shopping campaigns, just in time for the holiday season and because Google likes to keep us on our toes. Two of the most notable updates are the new showcase ads and absolute top impression […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Facebook Reporting Doesn’t Match Google Analytics

August 25, 2017 Advantix Digital

If you’ve used Google Analytics to gather insights about your Facebook ads you may have noticed that your reports show conflicting data. The good news is you’re not crazy. The bad news is you could be making optimizations based on inaccurate information. Or worse under reporting conversions to your clients. You may want to know […]

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Why Transparency in Digital Marketing Should Be the Norm

August 07, 2017 Advantix Digital

Proctor & Gamble made waves in July, announcing a plan to cut up to $140 million in digital ad spending, causing waves and anxiety throughout the industry. In making the decision, P&G cited brand safety concerns, “largely ineffective” ads, and a lack of transparency throughout the supply chain. At Advantix Digital, we have long been […]

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