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Through the right combination of advertising on the website and app, plus visibility on Amazon’s Mobile Ad Network, we can get your products headed to new customers faster than you can say “two-day shipping.” When it comes to Amazon, advertising agency experts like those at Advantix Digital can deliver amazin’ Amazon results.

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Visibility Through Amazon Advertising

Amazon advertising is an exciting venue for digital marketing — due to Amazon users’ readiness to buy and their ease of purchasing and shipping. Offering products or services on Amazon is a great way to tap into an audience that’s comfortable shopping online and eager to make a purchase. But Amazon merchants listing their offerings may need help getting more sales and repeat buyers — and that’s where Advantix can help.

We can run “Sponsored Products” and “Sponsored Brands” ads on to promote your products and brand, so you get discovered by shoppers who are already in the market for what you offer. Much like keyword-based paid search ads, these enable you to introduce your brand to people interested in products similar to what you offer. On Amazon’s extended display network, we can position display and video ads, remarketing to users who have viewed products similar to yours, or prospecting to reach new potential customers.

Finally, our design team can create images to customize your Amazon storefront and create an authentic brand experience within Amazon’s platform. Advantix Digital’s advertising experts work with Amazon to target your potential customers, determine when they’re most likely to buy, and serve the right ad to drive conversion.

Our Process

1. Client

We learn your goals, as well as what’s worked (and what hasn’t worked) in the past. 

2. Account

Examining your current Amazon Seller Accounts helps identify areas for improvement. 

3. Planning &

Our analysts use their industry knowledge and research tools to determine targeting options. 

4. Budget

Based on your goals and our industry insights, we develop an appropriate monthly spend.

5. Launch &

After activating your campaigns, we monitor them daily to ensure the best possible results. 

6. Results

We provide comprehensive data and analysis to track performance and identify growth opportunities.

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