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High quality content can attract prospects and customers — especially when used effectively across all marketing channels. A focused content strategy and relevant, engaging writing can help you drive customer acquisition and sales.

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Content Marketing To Drive Traffic

Today’s consumers are more informed than ever. They make their purchasing decisions based on a number of factors, including your overall brand. Instead of solely promoting products or services, you need to provide consistent, valuable information to stand out in a sea of competition.

Think about all the digital marketing channels you have available — and how great content is behind all of it. In SEO, search engines reward great content with high rankings. In PPC, content can increase quality score, drive down costs, and ultimately lead to more conversions. Inbound marketing relies on content to drive inbound traffic and leads.

Find out more about our content marketing services and how Advantix Digital can help you develop your company’s strategy and start creating the content your prospects and customers want and need.

Our Process

1. Research &

We love to stay up-to-date by conducting extensive research. Then we’ll meet to discuss your content goals and what channels you value most.

2. Sales Process

Tell us your high priority needs, and together we’ll determine whether to focus our content strategy efforts on convincing prospects to buy, or customers to buy more.

3. Content

Copywriters and designers meet with strategic analysts to develop high quality content that will be interesting and informative.

4. Approval &

Tell us how we’re doing! We’re here to work with you and help meet your goals, so give us honest feedback so we can deliver what you want.

5. Campaign

Once we’re good to go, the content is “pushed out” across the right marketing channels at the right time.

6. Performance

We closely monitor and review campaign performance in order to learn how to improve your campaign moving forward.

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