Conversion Rate Optimization

Getting people to visit your website is one thing. Getting them to perform a desired action or become customers is an entirely different challenge.

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Increased Website Conversions

Website visitors are great but converting them into customers is why you have a site in the first place. That’s why you need conversion rate specialists — to increase the percentage of visitors converting, which enables you to decrease your spending.

Example: If a page has 1,000 visitors a month and a 10% conversion rate, the page will get you 100 conversions per month. But If the conversion rate can be increased to 15%, that would result in an additional 50 conversions a month — without any additional costs!

Don’t waste time guessing and checking results. Trust Advantix Digital to use A/B or multivariate testing to determine what optimizations result in more conversions. It could be as simple as changing colors on a Call to Action, repositioning a website element, or rebuilding the page for a more user-friendly experience.

Our Process

1. Strategy

Let’s get together to determine the most important type of leads and other conversion goals for your site.

2. Top Page

We’ll find out which pages on your site are the most valuable and benchmark their current performance.

3. Test

This covers the types of variations and duration of testing, and then we hypothesize the results of each test.

4. Perform

Once we build an experiment, we can run tests.

5. Statistical

After testing, we can determine if there’s a statistically significant increase in conversions in variation vs. the control page.

6. Page

We’ll push the page variation with the highest conversion rate and continue optimizing it!

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