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Everyone can type or draw but creating attractive and effective creative marketing takes unique talents, finely honed skills, and experience. Put our creative team to work for you!

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Why Work With a Creative Design Company?

In today’s digital world, marketing must be “thumb-stopping” to grab a user’s attention. Our team of talented writers and designers can deliver a wide array of custom creative services for your business that will be sure to “slow their scroll.”

Good writing and digital design attract visitors, piques their interest, creates desire, and gets them to act — preferably finding out more about your products/services or even making a purchase.

Our creative services pros know what it takes to provide you with marketing materials that “move the needle” and help get you the results you want. See below for our full list of Creative Services.

Our Process

1. Research &

Based on extensive research and your input, we’ll talk about mandatories and goals.

2. Creative

Using your feedback and strategy, we’ll create a document with your unique selling proposition and desired media channels that will guide our creative team.

3. Concept

Our copywriters and designers work together to develop creative campaign concepts that are designed to stand out, educate, and persuade your target audience to act.

4. Campaign

Once you’ve approved a concept, we’ll turn it into a full digital marketing campaign across all desired channels.

5. Performance

We closely monitor and review campaign performance in order to learn how to improve your campaign moving forward.


Every great company has a strong brand — which means they’re perceived positively and specifically by the masses. Branding is an organization’s direct and evident promise to its customers and prospects, letting them just who your company is and what you do. Done right, branding offers you an edge over the less-focused competition.

Logo Design

The best logos are clean, simple, and represent the company’s brand. But behind that simplicity is a cocktail of creativity, strategy, and technology — perfectly blended by a team of talented designers to present an aesthetically pleasing identity that creates a positive brand impression on all who see it.

Brand Guidelines

Every brand needs a rule book. Your brand is valuable, and you definitely do not want to tarnish or dilute your brand’s value by using the wrong color, font, or styles. (It’s why you won’t see an Apple ad that doesn’t use a clean and simple, black-and-white design.) Our designers can help you create and protect your brand with a brand guidelines document — one that’s sure to cover your brand and the ways it can be used in comprehensive detail.

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising should be simple, but noticeable. Our experience and creativity help us make sure your message is conveyed to the right people in the right place, whether it’s a little banner ad or a full-screen image.

Social Content Design

You need content that will grab a user’s attention on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Our content writers and designers will create customized graphics, animation, or videos that will help spread your message (and grow your brand) in an engaging way.

Photography and Video

A picture is worth a thousand words … and video is worth even more! A unique way to stand out in the marketplace is to have your own personalized photography. It makes your brand appear more authentic and established. (The world is tired of the same old stock photography.) We can storyboard, shoot, and edit your photography and video needs to create impactful imagery that’s on-brand and on-target.


Having trouble telling your story? Tired of explaining your business process over and over? Our creative team can bring your story to life with animation. Let us give you an animated deliverable that’s engaging and informative for consumers, employees, and anyone else who sees it.

Email Design

Hundreds of billions of emails are sent every day. Will yours stand out? Let us help your business share your brand message (or even a great sale) with a well-designed email! We’ll write and design an attractive email that’s sure to be read!

Web Design

Visual appeal is one thing. A good-looking website that’s easy to find, user-friendly, and intuitive for visitors is another. From SEO and traffic to branding and conversion rates, your site’s design affects your entire internet presence. We work closely with you to develop a website that looks amazing AND performs!

For the photoshoot that we did in-house, they made sure everything went smoothly and that the final products looked professional.

Director of Sales and E-Commerce
The Apparel Group

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Client Case Studies

Higher Education.
The university's marketing strategy was failing them. Our audit of the university's marketing efforts lead to one major find, an inconsistent brand message.
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Signal Funding.
Struggling to acquire quality clients without a true brand identity, Signal Funding came to Advantix to find a solution. By guiding the evolution of their brand from logo design to full funnel, go-to-market media strategy, the results were inspiring.
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