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Email marketing is one of the most essential tactics for today’s marketers. As an experienced email marketing agency, Advantix Digital provides effective email campaign strategies to help you reach and connect with your target customers. Our team creates individual email designs and content that targets your end user — while also implementing advanced email automation tactics for lead nurturing, lead generation, and ultimately sales.

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Why Should You Use Email Marketing?

Because it helps you establish a direct line of communication with individual consumers, email marketing is invaluable for your branding. When you segment your target audiences and craft messages specific to them, you’re able to humanize a marketing channel that has long been deemed impersonal or “spammy.”

Similarly, email automation allows brands to deploy targeted, yet automated emails to potential and past users; these efforts can drive increased customer lifetime value, customer activation, and return on investment (ROI).

Our Process

1. Defining Key
Benchmarks & KPIs

In order to reach (or surpass) a goal, it’s best practice to first establish what those goals are specifically. This way, you can match your campaign goals with a refined business strategy to activate currently subscribed users.

2. Compile
Email List

We conduct a deep dive of your consumers’ interests and determine the best digital touchpoints to reach them. In many cases, brands have a limited email list and will need to leverage paid media such as Social Media Advertising, Paid Search, and others to grow list size.

3. Email

Once your target markets have been segmented and established, our team determines the best way to approach each segment (i.e. an “abandoned cart” campaign, e-newsletter, etc.) and begin creating and deploying email marketing materials. While crafting custom messages per email is extremely valuable, our team is also skilled in email automation — which allows for cost efficiency, operational improvements, and performance lifts across all channels.

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