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Thanks to our diverse team of professionals, Advantix Digital has extensive experience in marketing to Hispanic markets. We’re able to communicate with Spanish-speaking audiences via content marketing, site optimization, and Spanish translations for clients seeking to reach this growing market.

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Hispanic Marketing - What's Your Reach?

With more than a trillion dollars of purchasing power, today’s companies must focus their energies on reaching the Hispanic market.

The Hispanic community throughout the United States is composed of fervent digital media consumers — the vast majority of whom use smartphones and tablets often. That’s why it’s crucial for today’s U.S. marketers to use well-crafted mobile advertising to reach this audience.

Like any market, the Hispanic community is receptive to advertising that treats their traditions, customs, and heritage with respect — whether they are recent immigrants or acculturated, third-generation citizens.

Certain regions and states with large Hispanic and Latino populations (and businesses) in those regions must consider the benefits of producing specific marketing content that directly addresses them.

Our Process

1. Goal
Analysis &

Together, we’ll identify objectives that you want your campaign to accomplish.

2. Consumer

An in-depth analysis enables us to develop a specific customer journey and marketing touchpoints.

3. Creative
Composition &

Our team will write and design creative, strategic content specifically for our target audience(s).

4. Acccurate

Special care is taken to ensure that the language used is clear, accurate, and engaging.

5. Optimization
& Testing

Using highly focused search engine optimization, the best possible keywords are incorporated for maximum results.

6. Approval &

You will have the opportunity to review and approve all of the copy prior to launch.

7. Campaign

We start the campaign, ensuring that the creative is executed properly and via the correct channels.

8. Reviews &

Results are tracked and compiled for analysis and future campaign refinement.

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