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To reach today’s consumers and make an impact, you need to focus on more than organic social media. Paid social is an essential part of social media marketing that can exponentially amplify your reach and drive conversions through sophisticated targeting — giving your brand the ability to increase influence.

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Extend Your Social Efforts

Paid social acts as an extension of organic social efforts, driving campaign results and amplifying content to more than just a small subset of your followers. You can take advantage of a diverse range of social platforms — each offering specific targeting methods and campaign objectives — using unique strategies for each business objective you’re trying to drive, no matter the stage in the funnel.

We run both B2B and B2C campaigns across branding and conversion goals, utilizing highly tailored targeting to support your brand’s campaign initiatives. Paid social continues to be one of the most dynamic and challenging advertising channels for marketers; thanks to our strong relationships with the social platforms and our aptitude to stay ahead, we’ll keep your brand at the forefront of trends and opportunities.

Our Process

1. Platform

Based on your KPIs and target market(s), we recommend the social platforms that fit your goals — delivering the right message, on the right channel(s), at the right time.

2. Objectives &

We evaluate your business objectives and develop tactical plans to achieve those goals.

3. Audience

After identifying and understanding your key audience(s), we build detailed targeting approaches using 1st party and platform-based data signals.

4. Campaign

We constantly monitor key metrics so we can make enhancements throughout the campaign to ensure peak performance.

5. Drive

Whether it’s branding KPIs (like awareness and engagement) or lower funnel metrics (like leads and conversion), we focus on the KPIs that will impact your brand’s core business objectives positively.

6. Detailed

You’ll get detailed dashboards of real-time performance that showcase by-campaign business impact. Plus, additional campaign analysis is delivered to identify key success points and opportunities for enhanced performance in the future.

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Client Case Studies

Tip Top.
Toronto based retailer, Tip Top, had one chance to capitalize on one of the biggest retail holidays, Boxing Day.
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Authentic Moroccan.
In November of 2016 a Moroccan entrepreneur launched an e-commerce furniture, home decor and accessory marketplace.
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