Marketing for the Healthcare industry is radically different than other industries. We like to stress the importance of choosing a marketing agency experienced in Healthcare because there’s simply a lot more at stake. Expertise in healthcare marketing is similar to the expertise of professionals who work in healthcare: experience and education help protect the strength of everyone involved.

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HIPAA Compliant

One of the challenges to healthcare marketing is making sure that every strategy and tactic is HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliant. We secure our websites by properly storing data knowing full well that we’re handling sensitive, personally identifiable information (PII). We touch on each aspect of compliance, making sure that our analysts are HIPAA certified. The inability to follow compliance laws can be a nightmare, including fines and other types of harsh punishment. This makes finding a digital marketing expert all the more essential. Being well-versed in healthcare marketing not only saves clients a money headache, but it saves clients their professional reputation. Advantix saves client time by being certified so that the only time we dedicate to personal education is the time we spend being educated by a client’s particular practice.

Finding Qualified Leads

We work with physicians to go that extra mile in finding QUALIFIED leads. This is important for any given practice — knowing the types of insurance accepted and the types of cases accepted. By understanding the industry as a whole, Advantix can leverage historical data from our past campaigns to understand how far patients travel for certain procedures, what types of conditions/treatments are most valuable to a physician, and what channels work best for marketing to them. In addition, we have the ability to run a Patient Matchback Analysis to learn more about the leads that convert to patients.

Content Creation

One of our focuses at Advantix Digital is creating content that educates the patient on conditions and treatments while displaying a level of compassion and quality of care from the doctor. Medical jargon can be confusing to some, but not — in our humble opinion — to our team of experts. By emphasizing the complexity of what influences a patient’s health without overusing a bunch of Greek and Latin, we’re able to create content that speaks both TO the patient and FOR the patient.

Online Reputation Management

A physician’s reviews are the backbone of their digital marketing campaigns. Patients often rely on these reviews when making decisions about which physician to choose. We assist by innovating ways to build a strong reputation for physicians and the leaders in this space through encouraging former patients to leave good reviews that reflect good work.

Creating a Social Experience

Going to the doctor is a scary experience that explains why patients sometimes avoid learning more about what’s affecting their body. Our goal is to a create a relaxed atmosphere for physicians to highlight the comfort patients can expect to feel when choosing their physician so that they’re eager to learn more rather than ignoring it overall.

Orthopedic Clinic.
Unhappy with their current agency’s performance, a regional orthopedic clinic was searching for new ways to advertise online. The goal was to drive new patient acquisition at a low “cost-per-acquisition”, while managing a high-ROI.
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