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Every demographic offers some sort of valuable information, and that includes the demographic most of us have been at some point in our lives: a student. The modern student’s college search helps illustrate the many different inroads of investigation and information-seeking we incorporate at Advantix Digital.

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Parents and students are no different than ordinary consumers: they are influenced by materials and peers in school, traditional media, and the internet. As a result, we work with our clients to find their most apt pupil, serving ad campaigns and providing the information they are searching for at critical points through their search. Whether it’s a prospective student searching directly for your institution, or browsing other top internet sources, we design the most appealing ad format for the right context.

Having educated ourselves for nearly two decades in our industry, we are dedicated to maintaining cutting-edge knowledge to assure you that Advantix is the right choice to increase visibility of your institution.

Higher Education.
The university's marketing strategy was failing them. Our audit of the university's marketing efforts lead to one major find, an inconsistent brand message.
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