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There are a number of ways to drive more leads and appointments to your practice. Advantix offers solutions and best practices for residential and commercial real estate agents looking to transform denials into deals with our unique and innovative digital mark.

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A lot of money goes into a real estate project, and a lot of variables are responsible for making a project succeed. Our role is to leverage the low cost of digital marketing into its high potential to enable real estate marketers to take full advantage of its cost efficiency.

Increased Exposure

Housing projects vary in size, location, and cost. Our digital marketing strategies give real estate agents the edge, customizing reach towards a selected target market so that the bigger projects feel intimate, and the smaller projects feel expansive.

Performance Analysis

With so many ways to track an advertisement’s performance in such a competitive marketplace, it’s important for real estate developers to identify the techniques that work best for what they offer. Our process makes it easy to find potential owners by giving you ownership of the best analysis to find them.

Creative Analysis

There are as many different homes as there are people who want to buy them. Advantix Digital provides you the tools to showcase your products in the online marketplace with a diversity of ways that best reflects the diversity of your clients.


Success is a multi-step process. In an industry as big as real estate, building awareness of your brand is also a multi-step process. We offer solutions to building your online presence to fulfill real world promises.

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