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Increase Traffic To Your Site With Google’s Dynamic Search Ads

September 16, 2019 Ash Alexander

Do you ever feel that, despite the high volume search terms and relevant ads you’ve added into your account, you’re missing something? Typically, that feeling leads most search marketers to scour Search Query Reports (SQR) and mine for relevant keyword additions. While SQR’s remain a vital component of campaign optimization, Google Ads has given search [...]

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Responsive Search Ads: What are They?

July 22, 2019 Advantix Digital

Responsive Search Ads (RSA) are an exciting Beta feature that Google offers for Search Engine Marketing within Google Ads. Responsive Search Ads allows multiple pieces of headline and description copy within an ad set and then tests and learns into which headlines with which description lines work best over time to the set KPIs.

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Facebook Increases Image Height Allowances

December 14, 2018 Advantix Digital

Facebook has recently announced that they are increasing height allowances for image link ads on the Facebook mobile and desktop news feed. After receiving feedback that the original 1.91:1 (landscape) ratio was too restrictive to advertisers they have decided to make a 1:1 (square) ratio available for the desktop and mobile newsfeeds. Here’s what this [...]

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May 03, 2018 Advantix Digital

Google continues with its commitment to prioritize mobile navigation and has announced that mobile versions of websites will be placed in the first places of the search engine. Thus, Google has begun to migrate some “sites that follow the best practices for mobile first indexing," as announced on its developer blog. With this, Google will [...]

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Why Transparency in Digital Marketing Should Be the Norm

August 07, 2017 Advantix Digital

Proctor & Gamble made waves in July, announcing a plan to cut up to $140 million in digital ad spending, causing waves and anxiety throughout the industry. In making the decision, P&G cited brand safety concerns, “largely ineffective” ads, and a lack of transparency throughout the supply chain. At Advantix Digital, we have long been […]

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One Wrong Word Can Turn a Lead Away

May 18, 2017 Advantix Digital

Don’t underestimate the words you use Many businesses underestimate the importance of the words they use in their content. But, one wrong word could turn a potential lead away. Presenting your copy in a clear and appealing way is best for marketing your business. Ads are the core of your marketing campaign as they lead to […]

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