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All About FAQ Schema Markup

December 28, 2019 Brian Curb

FAQ Schema is a new opportunity to enhance pages on your website that asks and answer questions. In this guide you will learn the following: What is FAQ Schema What are the Benefits of FAQ Schema What does FAQ Markup Look Like How to add Schema to my Website Why to add Schema to the [...]

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How to Craft an Excellent Meta Description

October 01, 2019 Advantix Digital

What is a Meta Description? Whenever you get results from search engines, you usually see blue, hyperlinked headings all down the page. Those are “SEO Title Tags”; and underneath them you’ll usually find some text. Well, that seemingly conspicuous blurb of text is an HTML attribute called a “meta description” and very few people appreciate its value. The typical meta description […]

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New Correlation Between Quantity of Photos and Google My Business Performance

August 23, 2019 Robert Taylor

1.) Should I bother adding more photos to my Google My Business account? 2.) Can adding more photos to your Google My Business increase visibility? 3.) Can adding more photos to your Google My Business drive more customer interactions? These three questions and others haven’t always been a main topic of discussion within the Google [...]

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May 03, 2018 Advantix Digital

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Why Transparency in Digital Marketing Should Be the Norm

August 07, 2017 Advantix Digital

Proctor & Gamble made waves in July, announcing a plan to cut up to $140 million in digital ad spending, causing waves and anxiety throughout the industry. In making the decision, P&G cited brand safety concerns, “largely ineffective” ads, and a lack of transparency throughout the supply chain. At Advantix Digital, we have long been […]

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What is Influencer Marketing & Why It’s Great for SEO

April 26, 2017 Advantix Digital

The days of not understanding SEO are starting to fade away, as well as the black hat tricks that propelled businesses to the front page of Google search! With Google continually updating their algorithms, there has been an influx in the importance of social signals and what it means to rank within search engines. This […]

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