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The Second Coming of Vine: An Insight into Byte

February 07, 2020 Kelly Falksen

It’s no surprise that after the infamous six-second looping social platform, Vine died, there would be a second coming. Creators and viewers alike have a love for silly, short and relevant content that makes an impression. Famous vines such as “Hurricane Tortilla”, “It’s An Avocado” and “What Are Those?” had to make a comeback. Enter: [...]

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Snapchat Releases its New Mid-Roll Video Ad Format: Extended Play Commercials

December 04, 2019 Grace Weselak

Earlier this month, Snapchat announced the release of its new video ad format known as Extended Play Commercials. This new format gives social media advertisers the opportunity to extend their mid-roll video ads from 6-seconds to a maximum of 3 minutes. While the first 6-seconds will remain non-skippable, marketers will need to ensure that the [...]

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The Top 5 Social Updates You Need to Read About This Month

August 22, 2019 Advantix Digital

The world of social media is constantly evolving, which can be challenging to keep up with. That’s why we’re here. At Advantix Digital, it’s our duty as digital marketing experts to stay in the know of the latest and greatest social media trends and updates so that we can share them with you. Here are [...]

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Facebook Increases Image Height Allowances

December 14, 2018 Advantix Digital

Facebook has recently announced that they are increasing height allowances for image link ads on the Facebook mobile and desktop news feed. After receiving feedback that the original 1.91:1 (landscape) ratio was too restrictive to advertisers they have decided to make a 1:1 (square) ratio available for the desktop and mobile newsfeeds. Here’s what this [...]

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Why Transparency in Digital Marketing Should Be the Norm

August 07, 2017 Advantix Digital

Proctor & Gamble made waves in July, announcing a plan to cut up to $140 million in digital ad spending, causing waves and anxiety throughout the industry. In making the decision, P&G cited brand safety concerns, “largely ineffective” ads, and a lack of transparency throughout the supply chain. At Advantix Digital, we have long been […]

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Advantix Digital Becomes Sprout Social Agency Partner

August 03, 2017 Advantix Digital

Sprout Social: A Social Media Management Tool It’s no secret that social media is a vital and necessary component of any digital marketing strategy. With 95% of online adults following brands they love via social media, this method should no longer be an afterthought or something to address when you have free time. However, the […]

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Instagram’s New “Paid Sponsorship” Feature

June 16, 2017 Advantix Digital

Yesterday, Instagram launched a new tool that could help a growing problem on the Facebook-owned app: distinguishing sponsored ads on Instagram posted by a social media influencer. The new tool will feature a paid partnership label below the influencer’s username in the spot where you would normally tag your location. Up until now, to determine […]

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Improving Your Social Media Reputation & How it Affects SEO

June 14, 2017 Advantix Digital

Social Media & SEO Brands are flooding our inboxes, clogging our News Feed and cluttering our favorite websites as they fight for attention in a media environment that becomes more and more crowded everyday. The fight for consumer attention is tough, and figuring out ways to break through the static can be even tougher. So […]

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